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Russell Wilson thoughts

Russell Wilson made me a Seahawks fan, that may sound like a bandwagoner statement because that’s when the franchise became perennially competitive but I couldn’t have cared less about the Seahawks until Russ got there. (Legion of Boom is quite redeemable for that as well, but what do they do without the right quarterback?) Russ won over the hearts of Seattle fans very early; a dual-threat, fiery competitor who won the starting job fairly early in the preseason spoke volumes about his fortitude. His poise under pressure for such a young QB was astounding along with inspiring. A lot of people talk about wanting to be the guy with the game on the line, but 3 is the personification of that. The NFL is a league predicated on QB play, that is the ONE position that you have to get right to even have a chance to compete and have hopes of a playoff run. The recent weeks have been excruciating to monitor for 12s everywhere. Could Russ truly want out? What happened to the guy who would end every single interview with “go hawks”? What does this franchise even look like without number 3 under center giving hope to 12s on every single Sunday? Unfortunately they probably look like the Seahawks used to for almost the entirety of their existence, irrelevant. More to come on this story as we proceed along this uncertain offseason.

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