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KAOS SurVival Free Download

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KAOS SurVival Free Download


KAOS SurVival is a survival game in an open world, where the player can explore and find items that will make his life easier. The player can build a shelter or a large fortress to keep his possessions and defend himself from other players. The player can create clan or create his group of friends, send messages within the game. The kaos has a system of destroying bases using C4 explosives, the player can obtain through loot the goods of another player. Inventory and crafting system available.

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This began with the brand new map: "Boneyard". The map was released as a free download on Xbox 360's Marketplace. The map not only offered another well-sized map, but more weapons and vehicles. This included: an all-new Automatic Shotgun, a Carrier Helicopter for the Red Star Alliance, and a "Rocket Jeep".

In addition, the downloadable content clearly stated that this new map was the first of five to be released. The other four maps are named "Sunder", "Wide Awake", "Hind Sight", and "Infiltration". On September 19, Kaos released these maps on Xbox Live. These were later released for the PC as a free download patch.

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