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Download Ford Racing: Off Road PC Game 2008 [BETTER]

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Download Ford Racing: Off Road PC Game 2008

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Like Ford cars, the gameplay feels like an average offering to fill a void and nothing more. You'll get a decent list of vehicles to race with, including that famed Land Rover, but nothing seems to really excite players. Each lap consists of still controls plummeting through a few different tracks in urban areas and out in the country - hardly off-road to being with.

Forty minutes into Off Road and the PSP's battery dies. It's a coincidence rather than a game design decision, we presume, but still, it's a situation that begs the question: were we not playing this game for money, would we bother plugging the machine back in and making up the lost ground? The answer's probably no, which is probably the answer you were expecting, which will probably tell you everything you need to know about this, the handheld's only Ford-branded 4x4 off-road racing game.

It's not that Off Road's a particularly bad experience, because that would imply this is a game to inspire strong feelings. It's rather that, despite the heavy in-game Ford presence, the gentle service to Land Rover fetishists and the perfectly functional racing, this is a characterless experience. Not every new racing game in 2008 needs a clever design conceit (although, after a fortnight stuck in Codemasters' excellent GRID we did find ourselves reaching for the rewind button every time we struck a boulder). But those that don't have one (other than a car manufacture's badge) do require style and pizzazz to stand any chance of getting noticed.

Off Road relies almost exclusively on its licence to stand out. With eighteen models of car available in the game (only four are available from the start) this is a game that's narrow in focus and purpose: no drift or stock car excursions to be had here. For a game designed to appeal specifically to one type of car fan there's not much in the way of in-depth stats or tweaking. You accrue money with which to buy off-roaders, each of which is graded simply on Acceleration, Speed and Handling. Enthusiasts hoping for officially-licensed car porn will find little here to titillate.

However, PSP owners just looking for a straightforward, off-road racing game will be better off. The car models are solid and realistic-looking, and terrain is interesting and surprisingly accomplished, with shortcuts and other points of interest. The way the cars handle also makes for an enjoyable if unremarkable experience. Inside your speedometer there's a gauge which shows how much damage you've incurred and, in a shy hop away from realism, medikits can picked up to restore your vehicle to its former self.

Ford Racing Off Road is a 2008 racing video game created with the aid of Razorworks and released via Xplosiv. It is the 7th and very last sport of the Ford Racing collection. It is also the simplest recreation inside the video game series to function automobiles through Land Rover, which turned into owned with the aid of Ford Motor Company on the time.

Test Drive Unlimited is an open world racing game that takes place on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. It features over 1000 miles of open roads which you may traverse in a hot Ferrari or in a blazing Kawasaki race bike.

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