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Geri Allen Eyes In The Back Of Your Head 1997 FLAC

Geri Allen - Eyes in the Back of Your Head (1997) FLAC

Geri Allen was a visionary jazz pianist, composer, and educator who explored the boundaries of musical expression with her innovative and eclectic style. She was one of the few female instrumentalists to achieve recognition and acclaim in the male-dominated jazz world, and she collaborated with some of the most influential artists of her time, such as Ornette Coleman, Charlie Haden, Betty Carter, Tony Williams, and Wayne Shorter.

One of her most remarkable albums was Eyes in the Back of Your Head, released in 1997 by Somethin' Else Records. The album features Allen on piano and synthesizer, Wallace Roney on trumpet, Ornette Coleman on alto saxophone, and Cyro Baptista on percussion. The album showcases Allen's creative and diverse musical vision, ranging from lyrical ballads to avant-garde improvisations, from Afro-Brazilian rhythms to classical influences.


The album's title track, In the Back of Your Head, is a duet between Allen and Roney that expresses their intimate and telepathic musical connection. The song is based on a simple melody that evolves into a complex and dynamic dialogue between the two instruments. The song also reflects Allen's philosophy of being aware of one's surroundings and listening to one's inner voice.

Another highlight of the album is The Eyes Have It, a collaboration between Allen and Coleman that showcases their mutual respect and admiration. The song is a free-form exploration of harmonic and rhythmic possibilities, with both musicians playing with spontaneity and intensity. The song also demonstrates Allen's ability to adapt to different musical contexts and challenge herself as an artist.

Eyes in the Back of Your Head is a masterpiece of modern jazz that reveals Geri Allen's artistic vision and musical genius. The album is available in FLAC format, which is a lossless audio codec that preserves the original sound quality of the recording. You can download the album from [this link] or [this link], or you can stream it from [this site].


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