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Call The Midwife - Season 3

Call the Midwife is a British period drama television series based on the best-selling memoirs of former nurse Jennifer Worth, who died shortly before the first episode was broadcast.[1] It is set in the 1950s and 1960s and for the first three series centred primarily on Jenny Lee (Jessica Raine), based on the real Worth. In the first episode, set in 1957, she begins a new job as a midwife at a nursing convent in the deprived Poplar district of east London. The programme's ensemble cast has also included Jenny Agutter, Pam Ferris, Judy Parfitt, Laura Main, Miranda Hart, Helen George, Bryony Hannah, Charlotte Ritchie and Emerald Fennell. Vanessa Redgrave delivers framing voiceovers in the role of "mature Jenny",[2] and continues to do so even after the younger version of the character was written out of the series.

Call the Midwife - Season 3


Welcome back to a new season of "Call the Midwife"! (All Photos: Courtesy of Laurence Cendrowicz)Welcome Carmen to the fabulous and fun world of Telly Visions recaps! She'll be handling Call the Midwife this season, as we thought it'd be fun to finally give fans of that show a space to talk about the new episodes, same as we've done for Downton Abbey, Sherlock and Mr. Selfridge fans. Or, you know, just for any of you that don't want to slog through my several thousand word missives on those other shows. (For those of you that are wondering, I'm still on duty for Mr. Selfridge recaps but as some of you might have already guessed, I'm out of town at the moment, so that'll be going up in the morning. I'm sure it'll still be predictably massive.) Enjoy!

Chummy decides to nurse her mother at home until the end, with the help of her midwife friends, of course. Sister Monica Joan, after becoming quite disoriented at first by her own family memories, is given a purpose of sorts as she assists Chummy in her time of need providing her with extraordinary spiritual support and wise counsel.

Midwifery is a long standing tradition in the UK, with midwives being the lead carers for women with low risk, uncomplicated pregnancies. They also provide shared care alongside obstetricians with whom they have a good working relationship (most of the time!). A midwife in the UK has a very diverse role. They practice within an overstretched maternity service, caring for women from all walks of life. Times are often stressful, but many midwives have their individual coping mechanisms and lean on each other for support. To bring life into the world is a true privilege and one that as a midwife, I most certainly cherish. During particularly hard days (we all have them!), I take comfort that my work has a positive impact on the women I care for, or at least have some influence on the beginning of a brand new life.

It's spring in Poplar, and you know what that means: it's time for Phyllis to visit the school to see its community garden and check on their vaccinations. It's kind of cool that they can just make every student follow a heavily tested life-saving protocol; makes you think! Today we meet two new students: brothers called Rahul and Jalal. These adorable scamps just recently emigrated from Sylhet in East Pakistan, and have a great grasp of English thanks to their mom. Their vaccination records are a little funky, and while Phyllis can see that they've got scarring consistent with vaccinations it's impossible to say what for. Thankfully, Phyllis LOVES to follow up on things, so they should be all set.

At the Turner's surgery, Shelagh jumps at a chance to corner Trixie. Here's the deal: our friends are trying to raise the money to get an incubator for the surgery, and while they started off strong, the effort has petered out. Shelagh wants to get the whole community involved but isn't sure how. Why should we care? Miss Higgins explains: if they have their own incubator, they won't have to refer as many women to St. Cuthbert's, and they'll be able to stay in the community (a real theme this season). Trixie, of course, agrees to help out.

That's right, the midwife who first introduced us to Poplar and its pregnant patients is leaving to take up a position as a nurse at a Marie Curie cancer hospital, swapping bringing life into the world with helping those at the end of it.

Sad news it most certainly is, but the light at the end of the tunnel? Philip Worth, the husband of Call the Midwife author Jennifer Worth, appeared in tonight's series 3 finale too, so, though we won't get to watch it, the prim and proper midwife's heart - which was battered by the shock death of her boyfriend Alec earlier this series - is on the mend.

The series three finale, which was sure to leave many a Call the Midwife fan reaching for the tissues, also saw Trixie share her first kiss with curate Tom, Chummy's mother Lady Browne pass away and Shelagh and Doctor Turner get a call from the adoption agency offering them a little baby girl.

What a relief! All the young midwives and good sisters return in the next season of this immensely absorbing and popular drama, set in poverty-ridden East London in the 1950s. But with Nonnantus House scheduled for demolition, where, exactly, will they live? Hop on a bicycle with Jenny, Chummy and Trixie. Wherever they ride, youll share sadness and joy, tears and humor, struggle and survival. Based on the best-selling memoirs of former nurse Jennifer Worth..

Episode List Episode 1 The nuns and midwives of Nonnatus House move into their new premises, and Sister Winifred, a warm-hearted, slightly innocent young woman, arrives from the Mother House. Sister Monica Joans increasingly eccentric behavior causes concern, yet shes the one who solves a perplexing medical mystery. New housewife and mother Chummy spearheads an Open Day at the Community Centre. After helping to deliver a neighbors baby, she decides she wants to return to midwifery. Episode 2 Trixie is upset when Sister Julienne promotes Jenny to acting sister, but their relationship is eventually restored. A patient whos carrying a baby who wasnt fathered by her husband accepts that the only solution is adoption. Cynthia, inspired by a lecture on the art of natural childbirth, helps a patient experience a peaceful and calm birth. Alec and his friends try to persuade Jenny to go on a nuclear disarmament march, but she declines for the sake of her patients. Episode 3 Sister Julienne and Trixie assist a pregnant prison inmate whos worried that social services will deem her an unfit mother and take her baby. Sister Julienne puts her reputation on the line to help mother and child stay together. Shelagh suffers heartbreak when a routine pregnancy check turns out to be something far more serious. Episode 4 Jennys patient Leah is struggling to cope with her mothers agoraphobia, as well as her own pregnancy. When her husband is offered a new job and home, Leah knows she cant leave her mother behind after all they went through to survive the Holocaust. With the arrival of new life, Mrs. Rubin seems reborn, too; with great effort and help from Sister Winifred, she manages to step outside for the first time in 12 years. Episode 5 The midwives discover that a young woman with Down Syndrome who is six months pregnant, leading to difficult confessions and decisions. Dr. Turner suggests that Shelagh take over the running of Nonnatus House to allow an exhausted Sister Julienne to recuperate. This includes overseeing the arrangements for Sister Evangelinas surprise jubilee celebrations. But the atmosphere turns sour when a lemon meringue pie goes missing. Patsy, a new nurse, arrives at Nonnatus House. Her no nonsense, hard-working attitude and sense of humor mean shes an immediate hit with the nuns and midwives. Episode 6 Tom, the local curate, asks Trixie to join him for a day of cricket. She happily accepts, but their date is disastrous and shes left feeling disappointed. Shelagh decides to talk to Dr. Turner about adopting a baby. Patsy struggles to adapt to the unpredictable and chaotic working life that midwifery brings. When she upsets a young mother in the clinic, shes taken off midwifery and put on to the district rota. In the course of her work, she forms a bond with a docker and works tirelessly to find a diagnosis for his unusual symptoms. Episode 7 Sister Julienne calms an anxious new mother who has put her baby in grave danger. Jenny returns from the Mother House restored and is seconded to The London. Impressed at first with the facilities and efficiency, she soon begins to see cracks in the establishment, especially when her patient suffers complications and shes stopped from looking after her. Chummy is upset to learn that her mother has walked out on her father, leaving Lady Browne penniless. As Dr. Turner and Shelagh continue the adoption process, they uncover a devastating secret. Trixie struggles to hide her disappointment when Tom cancels a date. Episode 8 As preparations are made for Chummy to care for her dying mother at home, Jenny feels drawn to help. While Shelagh and Dr. Turner await news from the Adoption Society, Shelagh pulls out all the stops when she enters her choir into a competition. 041b061a72


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