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late 12c., scathen, "to harm, injure, hurt; to cause harm, damage, or loss to," from Old Norse skaða "to hurt, harm, damage, injure," from Proto-Germanic *skathan- (source also of Old English sceaþian "to hurt, injure," Old Saxon skathon, Old Frisian skathia, Middle Dutch scaden, Dutch schaden, Old High German scadon, German schaden, Gothic scaþjan "to injure, damage").


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In some sources this is traced to a PIE *sket- "to injure." The Germanic word was seen as cognate with some Celtic formations and Greek a-skēthēs "unharmed, unscathed," but Beekes finds that connection "impossible" on phonetic grounds and Boutkan, agreeing, writes that "The etymon is limited to Celt.-Gmc." and offers no IE etymology.

It survives mostly in its negative past participle unscathed, and in the figurative meaning "sear with invective or satire" (1852, usually as scathing). The latter seems to have developed specifically from the word in the sense of "scar, scorch" used by Milton in "Paradise Lost" (1667).

late 14c., from un- (1) "not" + past participle of scathe (v.). Mainly in Scottish before 19c. Similar formation in Old Norse ostaðaðr, Swedish oskadad. An older word in the same sense was scatheless (c. 1200).

1794 in literal sense, "damaging, wounding; blasting, scorching," present-participle adjective from scathe (v.). Of words, speech, etc., from 1852. An older word was Old English sceaðfullum, Shakespeare's scatheful. Related: Scathingly.

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The most known buccaneer captain, he is the least known primary captain out of the four sides with a primary captain. (Primary= cutlass, dread eye, blue beard, scathe.) His head is shared only by Charlie Carruthers, a Privateer. Most other heads are used on other people. 041b061a72


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