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Legend Of Queen Opala BETTER

Bal'Rana and her daughter Za'Nina are in need of a ship and try to confiscate one when a co-pirate tells them that itis harder to do that now that queen Opala is engaged to a new goddess. When the man tells them about this goddess, the to pirates come up with a plan to meet this goddess for some fun.

Legend of Queen Opala

Osira is on the move again which has Opala and Farah worried when the queen has one of the maid look for and bring Marcella to her chambers for some fun. The maid finds Marcella in th stables being rather intimate wit the stable mistress but this encounter will change the horse woman's life forever.Characters:Marcella Highthorn (human) MaxbassLegend of Queen Opala Gabriel 'SweGabe' Logan

Osira gets the word of her sister's engagement which makes her hesitant to execute her current plans which she stalls until she knows more. Meanwhile Opala and Gabrielle spend time with the new goddess planning more for the new temple which sends the queen and her future wife to Uncle Dad and his lovely daughter Sunny-Sue.Characters:Marcella Highthorn (human) MaxbassLegend of Queen Opala Gabriel 'SweGabe' Logan

Opala is in a bind since her sister plans another attack and her generals can do is bicker over how to handle this possible attack when her mother tells her about a spell she had heard about that would enable her to summon an ally from another realm. Lucky for the queen she will have the aid of three goddesses to summon this new ally. 041b061a72


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