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We Buy Any Hot Tub

All you need to do is fill out our Sell Your Hot Tub Details Form. This is a nice and easy form that also lets you add photos of your pre owned hot tub, this is so we can offer you the best possible price. After you have completed the form we will provide you a price for your hot tub or spa.

we buy any hot tub


The whole process from submitting the initial enquiry to you removing the tub was very easy for me as the seller and I much appreciated the friendly but thoroughly professional approach from the Sellyourhottub staff also you gave a pretty good price for the tub too!!

We use american made Spa Dolly systems, hot tubs are a massive business in america and Spa Dolly catered for the market with there uniquie hot tub collection systems. They are imported in to the UK, and provide us and many other hot tub companies with the right tools for the job. You can view the Spa dolly in use with two of our guys operating the Spa Dolly System as per the below video.

We can collect hot tubs from most locations through the UK, from North to South and East to West. Use our nice and easy hot tub quotation form and add your post code, this way we can give you the best quote possible.

If we receive your enquiry early enough, Sell Your Hot Tub can arrange removal as quick as 24hr from a quote to collection. Alternatively we are open 7 days a week, so we can caterer for a day and time that suits you best.

We keep our insurance up to date on a yearly basis, so all of our customers have 100% reassurance that if any property damage or injury was caused we are fully covered. All our company insurance documents can be provided on day of removal if required.

The automotive sales analogy works well with spas because they are so similar. Like cars, hot tubs have shiny surfaces, bucket seats, an engine, filter, heater, and lights! As with used cars, used spa models have different features. For example, they might have an enhanced design, a bigger engine, or more jets.

If your hot tub is an old clunker, chugging along with some fluid leaks and a few features that no longer work, there's not much value left in it. If your spa or hot tub has been sitting empty, and has major equipment or cosmetic problems, it likely has little to no value. And with no value, it's going to be hard to sell your hot tub, let alone find a potential buyer.

Like trading in a car, you'll get much less through a dealer than if you sell it on your own. But for those looking for a turnkey solution, it doesn't get much easier. Having a dealer remove the old and place the new hot tub all in one day is a great option. The average trade-in value for a 10-year-old spa is often only around $500 to $1,000. Sometimes it's only a free removal/delivery service with no trade-in value. Just be sure to check with your spa dealer for all the details.

This can be a fast way to sell a hot tub, especially for friends or family who have personally enjoyed your spa in the past. The neighbor who is always commenting on the hot tub could also be a good candidate. Pick two or three targets and approach them with a reasonably priced offer to join you and millions of other hot tub enthusiasts!

Listing your old, used spa or hot tub on sites and apps like places like Craigslist, OfferUp, or Facebook Marketplace can help you reach a large audience quickly. You can also put advertising dollars behind your listing to increase the opportunity for it to sell faster.

Like automobiles, spas and hot tubs are sold to appeal to a wide demographic. There is everything from standard base models up to luxury custom units. Inflatable hot tubs and basic acrylic or rotomolded spas fall on the less costly end of the scale. On the other hand, recognized brand names like Jacuzzi, Hot Springs, Baja and others often fetch a much higher price tag.

It's best to know the original purchase price of the spa (not including delivery/installation). This will help when determining how to price your used spa. Keep in mind that spas and hot tubs are more of a personal item, meaning that people won't want to pay a lot for a used spa. Don't expect to recoup anything close to your original purchase price. Depreciation is much faster and steeper than you might expect.

Look around online to search "for sale by owner" listings online. This will give you a better idea of how people in your area are pricing their used spas and hot tubs. Use these listings to find a comparable price for your old unit, then price yours competitively to get it gone sooner.

We give a very competitive rate for used or broken equipment that you may consider selling, we can promise the guarantee of collection from your premises and reassurance of a professional company using professional equipment to collect your Tub.

Perhaps you are moving house, moving abroad, you have a Hot Tub that is not in use or you are considering selling your Hot Tub to raise some money, from experience, many of people we purchased from have been letdown from selling privately through auction sites and private adverts.At Hunsbury Hot Tubs would consider any Hot Tub, Jacuzzi Or Spa purchase.

We give a very competitive rate for used or broken equipment that you may consider selling, we can promise the guarantee of collection from your premises and reassurance of a professional company using professional equipment to collect your Tub.Please contact us with as much information you can offer. We will then get in touch to talk to you about collection and what we will consider paying you for your Hot Tub.

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The One-Stop Shop for keeping your Hot Tub in perfect condition or selling us your hot tub jacuzzi spa. Call us if you want us to fix your spa, for all your Hot Tub Repairs, Hot Tub Servicing, Hot Tub Moves, Installation and Maintenance in the South of England. We buy any spa too now! Check out our Services above or let us know if you have any questions.

Whether you have problems with a hot tub heater, pumps, jets control packs or water chemistry we can assist you. Repair charges start at just 82.50 + vat and were always at the end of the phone for advice.

This is our winter shut-down service, to prepare your spa for the months it will not be used. The hot tub is then left to hibernate for the winter. You can fill it whenever you want Also consider this option prior to renting out your property to ensure your Hot Tub is...

Annual Service starting from only 249+vat Hot Tub Response offer a Hot Tub Service, whereby your hot tub is thoroughly inspected, cleaned and sanitised. Remember early detection of problems can prevent more considerable problems in the future. Included in your Hot...

Hot Tub Response handle Spa moves Moving house? Purchased a hot tub from E-bay? Bought online or bought a hot tub from Costco? Then why not let Hot Tub Response take the hassle out of moving your Hot Tub? Most importantly, we offer a reliable and efficient Hot Tub and...

We have you covered for hot tub servicing across a wide area in the South East of England; West as far as Swindon, Andover and Southampton, North as far as Bicester, East to St Albans, Wembley and Crawley.

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So if you are looking to cash in on your existing hot tub we can usually give you an indicative price over the phone. All we need are details on make, model and condition. Recent photos, sent via email, can help us give a firm price. Aegean are fully insured and use specialist spa moving equipment and can collect in any condition. All we ask is for customers to ensure there is easy access as crane lifting can incur fees.

For many first time hot tub owners, picking the right hot tub can be a real challenge. Buying the right hot tub can lead to years of enjoyment with little work while buying the wrong hot tub can be costly, disappointing and irritating.

Speaking of costs, another very common hot tub buying mistake is forgetting about installation costs. When buying your new hot tub, keep in mind that you will likely need to spend at least an additional $1,000-$2,000 to have it installed. These installation can costs include:

The number one complaint among hot tub owners almost always has something to do with maintenance. These complaints usually range from how many chemicals need to be added to how difficult they are to drain and refill.

Buying a hot tub can be a really exciting process; owning a hot tub can be even better! If you buy the wrong hot tub though, that excitement can quickly turn to anger and disappointment. Avoiding these 7 common hot tub buying mistakes can help ensure that you buy a hot tub that fits your needs and provides great value for years to come.

In their current form, hot tubs have been around for over 50 years. In that time the technology used to create hot tubs has been constantly evolving to improve their energy efficiency, performance and ease of use. In this article, we will explore a few of the most... 041b061a72


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