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Kijiji Vancouver Kittens

Again, this all goes back to the reputation and standards of the breeder. If you are looking for a pure, well-bred healthy cat, this is going to be reflected in the cost of a Ragdoll cat. A good, respected breeder will not be looking to make a quick buck, they will be breeding the kittens because they have a love for the breed.

Kijiji Vancouver Kittens

All cats/kittens are under the care of Heart in Hand Rescue Coeur en Main. Adopters must come through us for adoption of any cat(s) or kitten(s). We promote responsible adoption that comes with all the vet care included.

We do NOT give kittens away. All our cat and kittens come with sterilization agreements since we support the cause of reducing the overpopulation of felines in our area. THOUSANDS of cats and kittens are neglected, live in hardship and are euthanized each year because of humans who do not do right by them by providing appropriate vet care and sterilization. We aim to reduce this kind of unnecessary animal suffering and give all cats that we save a second chance at a better life. 041b061a72


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