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Where To Buy Hair Products Near Me !!TOP!!

Ready for the best hair of your life? Find a salon near you for the full KEVIN.MURPHY experience. Consult with an expert stylist, achieve your dream hair colour, discover your perfect product regimen and more!

where to buy hair products near me


You want products that use natural ingredients. You need professional haircare products that work. We give you both. SEVEN products marry the highest-grade natural ingredients with modern technology to give you great, healthy, workable hair every day.

Repair your hair and master your style with powerful products of strength and graceful determination. The KENTE Collection contains shampoo, conditioner, reparative spray, hair mask, gel, and matte paste products designed to strengthen and heal hair.

Over the past two decades, the number of Black-owned hair products available on the market has boomed. Anti-Blackness and discrimination against Afro-textured hair have always pushed Black people to create what we needed to care for our naturally kinky textures, especially at the time when few mainstream brands were doing so.

When the natural-hair movement surfaced in the early 2000s, brands like SheaMoisture, Miss Jessie's, and Carol's Daughter provided product formulations that actually worked for the range of curls and kinks that exist. Fast-forward almost two decades and other Black-owned natural hair products are lining those shelves with the leave-ins, deep treatments, and oils needed to nourish our hair, which tends to be on the drier side.

Luckily, there is no shortage of Black-owned hair brands. Even outside of natural hair products, we are seeing a lot of cute and stylish accessory options like satin-lined turbans and colorful headwraps to keep our delicate coils protected. There are also a ton more options for hair extensions: these days, we're seeing a wider range of wigs, bundles, and closures available in curly and kinky-textured options that can match our own.

Any natural will tell you hair accessories that work for kinks and curls are necessary, too. Ceata E. Lash wanted something that would keep her hair in place, but wouldn't create tangles or too much tension on the scalp, so she created the PuffCuff in 2013. The hair clamp, which comes in five sizes, can be used to secure an Afro puff, a low ponytail, or braids, twists, and locs, too. The smallest is 0.75 inches in diameter and the biggest, which is the Original, is 5 inches. In 2020, the brand launched a selection of natural hair-styling products called Laaayed.

After struggling with dry, brittle hair due to postpartum shedding, Candera Thompson got the idea to start her own brand, Bask & Bloom Essentials. She launched in 2014 with only two products: More Moisture Cream and Herbal Infused Hair & Scalp Oil. Now, the brand offers an assortment of natural hair products for washing, conditioning, and styling.

In 2003, Olowo-n'djo Tchala founded Alaffia which offered hair-, skin-, and body-care products using one staple ingredient: shea butter. The brand sources this ingredient through cooperatives in the West African country of Togo. Its Beautiful Curls collection is specifically created for type 2 to type 4 hair and includes 10 products, like the Curl Reviving Tonic made with aloe vera juice to refresh and moisturize the hair.

Qhemet Biologics uses hydrating and moisturizing ingredients to create products specifically for type 3C to 4C hair. Founded by Felis Butler in 2004, the brand has products to wash, style, and condition even the driest hair, like the best-selling Amla & Olive Heavy Cream. Its product guide provides recommendations based on your hair texture, porosity, and density to help you create a routine.

Oyin Handmade has been making products for Afro-textured hair since 2001 when it was founded by Jamyla Bennu. The word "oyin" means honey in the Yoruba language, and it's a staple ingredient in many of the brand's products, like the Honey Hemp Detangling & Moisturizing Conditioner that uses the humectant and hemp seed oil to condition hair. Oyin also has body-care options, including a natural deodorant.

Nickie Nougaisse started Curls Dynasty in her kitchen in 2014 and created its first product: a mixture of oils called the Organic Oil Blend. Since then, she's expanded the brand's offerings to a full range of natural hair products that will take you through all the steps in your wash day routine. My personal favorite? The sulfate-free, hydrating Cocoa Mint Moisture Rich Shampoo has a nozzle cap for targeted application to the scalp.

Gwen Jimmere launched Naturalicious in 2013 with the goal of cutting down on the number of products she used on her hair. She created two three-step systems for your wash day, formulated for either loose or tight textures. Each comes with a clay-based cleanser, styling creme, and a frizz-reducing serum. You can purchase the three products as a kit or buy them separately. The brand also has a defining gel, scalp oil, and curl refresher.

Like many others who transition from relaxed to natural hair, Adria Marshall wanted the products she used to be made with all-natural ingredients. In 2015, she created Ecoslay in her kitchen and to this day, she still mixes the products at home. Each one is named after different food items, like the oil-based Hot Sauce pre-poo treatment and the moisturizing Orange Marmalade gel.

CurlMix was initially founded by Kim and Tim Lewis as a monthly subscription box service that included natural ingredients and recipes which let their customers create their own hair products. But in 2018, the Lewises launched their own collection. The brand has five different four-step kits with everything you need to get the wash-and-go of your dreams. Each contains a shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, and gel, which you can also buy separately if you want. Outside of the kits, you can scoop up one (or a few of) the oil-based serums they offer.

You can thank Rochelle Graham-Campbell for creating Alikay Naturals. The brand sources ingredients, such as aloe vera, milk, and marshmallow root, for its products that cleanse, condition, and strengthen curls. The brand's fan-favorite deep treatment, called the Honey and Sage Conditioner, softens and restores dry hair by combining hydrating powers of honey with babassu, sage, and extra virgin olive oils.

Sisters Ellen and Ione Rucker formulated Rucker Roots products with ingredients like ginger, turmeric, and carrot root oils, which work together to moisturize and strengthen dry or brittle hair. Its GTC Texture Styling Mousse is a two-time Best of Beauty-winning product that defines and hydrates curls and coils.

Four years into her own natural hair journey, Juanita Henderson took the knowledge and experience she gained to launch Chocolate Kinks & Kurls in 2016. The brand's range of products cleanses, styles, and conditions curls. Its Aloe Colada Deep Conditioning Treatment uses both hydrating aloe butter and aloe vera juice with jojoba and carrot seed oils to give hair a much-needed reset on wash day.

Tropic Isle Living's Jamaican Black Castor Oil is a holy grail product for its deeply moisturizing properties. Michael Anthony Hines and Lois Reid-Hines came together to start the brand back in 1992. Since then, the hair-care brand has expanded from solely selling glass bottles of the oil to offering a range of products, including stylers, cleansers, and treatments, that contain the ingredient.

You can't talk about the natural-hair movement without mentioning Whitney White. Through her YouTube videos, the hair blogger helped many people learn how to style and care for their natural hair. It wasn't until 2018 that she officially launched her own line called Melanin Haircare. The range of products is small with a cleanser, moisturizers, a scalp oil, and a few hair accessories. After just one use, you'll be a fan of the extremely nourishing Multi-Use Softening Leave-In Conditioner that is formulated with moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera, argan oil, and baobab seed oil.

We believe that in order to achieve the best hairstyle possible your hair needs to be at optimum health. All our products are made in the USA with ingredients that will nourish your hair and are safe to use on a daily basis.

"Dae's Prickly Pear Hair Oil is one of Morad's go-to products for smoothing and styling a variety of thick and fine hair types. That's because it has a lightweight feel that won't weigh down thinner hair, yet still provides the high-impact moisture that thicker hair needs through a blend of prickly pear and moringa leaf oils." 041b061a72


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