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Pixie Hollow Games Dvd

PIXIE HOLLOW GAMES opens as the fairies and sparrow men of Pixie Hollow are gearing up for the legendary three-day contest that challenges the physical and mental stamina of teams from each division of fairies. Among the garden fairies, however, the mood is far less enthusiastic, thanks to their team's lengthy losing streak, but spunky newcomer Chloe (voiced by Brenda Song) is determined to turn things around for her crew. When no one else steps up, Rosetta (Megan Hilty) reluctantly agrees to be Chloe's partner, figuring their stint at the games will be short-lived. To everyone's surprise, however, they avoid elimination and start to work their way up the leader board, much to the chagrin of the games' favorites and past champions, the Storm Fairies. But winning it all will take a dedicated effort from both teammates -- and to accomplish that, they'll have to set aside their differences and set their sights on the ultimate goal.

Pixie Hollow Games Dvd

Magic and mayhem ensue in this vibrant, engaging special that features the return of all of fans' Pixie Hollow favorites. Tinker Bell (Mae Whitman), Fairy Mary (Jane Horrocks), and Queen Clarion (Anjelica Huston) are here, and a few new faces are in the mix as well. Kids will be swept away by Pixie Hollow Games' beautiful and imaginative presentation of this magical world, complete with tag-team leapfrog races (on real frogs, that is) and a team of butterflies who populate the scoreboard for the games.

This expertly crafted story is rich in positive themes like being a good sport, working as a team, persevering, and embracing change. Rosetta learns to see past the limits she put on herself and tap into an inner strength she didn't know she had, which might inspire kids (with a little help from their parents) to challenge themselves to something new. The Disney Fairies are a hugely successful franchise that markets everything from video games to kids' clothing, so there is a commercial tie-in to be considered here, but aside from that, there's a lot of merit to this sweet tale.

Join Tinker Bell and her fairy friends as they compete in Disney's animated adventure, Pixie Hollow Games. Rosetta and new arrival Chloe band together to try to break the garden fairies' legendary losing streak in this sports spectacle filled with pixie pageantry, fantastic fairy events and hilariou... Full description

On the night of the games, Rosetta wears a fancy gown, certain that she and Chloe will be eliminated after one round. The storm fairies, Rumble and Glimmer, are the heavy favorites to win the competition due to their winning streak and having winners' rings for almost every finger. The first event is leapfrogging. Rosetta refuses to get onto the frog but finally does when the spectators yell in protest, leading to total chaos on the racetrack.

The next day, Rosetta and Chloe continue to compete in a series of games, such as dragonfly water skiing, twig-spheres, and mouse polo, slowly moving up in the standings during each game. The final challenge (a teacup race) arrives. Chloe dives down the chute with no trouble, but Rosetta nervously crawls down the chute, to Chloe's dismay. Rosetta's actions put them in last place, causing Chloe to start doubting her. Meanwhile, other teams start dropping which leaves only the garden and storm fairies.

Every year, the different types of fairies hold an Olympics-like single-elimination games series. The reigning champions are the storm fairies, who are known for being very fast and athletic, and who are introduced in this movie. As they tend to be less athletic and aggressive, the garden fairies have never even made it out of the first round.

I thought it was very cute. A lot of funny/inventive events (And a hilarious scoreboard made up of butterflies!). I would give it 4 sprinkles of pixie dust out of 5. Tell me what you thought of it! Create your own inventive and funny rating scale, and tell me in the comments below what your take on the special was!

The movie opens with the fairies making final preparations for the Pixie Hollow Games. Rosetta (who is now the main protagonist after Tinker Bell), who is afraid of dirt, freaks out when Chloe drops a lump of dirt in front of her, accidentally getting her dirty. Silvermist quickly washes Rosetta off, who stops freaking out and thanks her. Silvermist then asks why Chloe has it who announces she's competing in the Pixie Hollow Games. Fern then selects Rosetta to be Chloe's partner in the games, who reluctantly agrees and Vidia looks forward to it by saying "This is going to be good." hoping Rosetta will humiliate herself. The night of the games, Rosetta wears a fancy gown, certain that she and Chloe will lose, as the garden fairies have had a losing streak in the games. Storm fairies Rumble (who is now the main antagonist after Vidia) and Glimmer come in, and they begin the first game, called leapfrogging. Rosetta refuses to get on, and the garden fairies lose but are still in the competition because when Rosetta gets on, they accidentally smash the contraption holding the healing talents together, which eliminates them, since they were struggling with keeping up, they didn't know until Tinker Bell tells them.

Join Tinker Bell and her fairy friends as they compete in Disney's animated adventure, PIXIE HOLLOW GAMES. Rosetta and new arrival Chloe band together to try to break the garden fairies' legendary losing streak in this sports spectacle filled with pixie pageantry, fantastic fairy events and hilarious surprises. Clank and Bobble call the action as Rosetta and Chloe face off against the storm fairies, Rumble and Glimmer, who are vying for their fifth championship ring. Will Rosetta's team once again feel the sting of defeat or will they discover that there is more to a garden fairy than just a pretty face? Enjoy all the fun and excitement of this magical tale about friendship, teamwork and a "Can Do" attitude. The event is about to begin. Who will you cheer for?

This is the first of the Disney Fairies films to premiere on television before its home video release, and the Disney Channel is promoting The Pixie Hollow Games heavily with promos, contests, and tons of website games and activities at Pixie Central. Watch exclusive clips from The Pixie Hollow Games!

To explore all that Pixie Hollow has to offer online, first you will need to Create a Fairy. Your fairy can be customized by gender, hair, skin, eyes, wing type, and most importantly, fairy talent. Once your fairy is created, you are set lose to explore Pixie Hollow, a fully realized world with shops, games, and plenty of other fairies to chat with. Playing games can help you earn fairy talent points and items that can be exchanged for clothing, furniture, and more.

Following the successful release of the first direct-to-DVD film (titled simple Tinker Bell), Disney announced that it would be followed by four more. The first four would each be set in one of the four traditional seasons, and the fifth was tentatively titled Race Through the Seasons. It would take place on Leap Day (2012, the year in which it was projected to be released, is a leap year) when the fairies have special Olympic-style games. A Disney press release described it as follows:

At a cultural moment in which we approach the view of literature as an interactive medium and of children as content creators, it is important to recognize the ways in which commercially formulated media, in particular the "virtual-world gravy train" (Barnes), empower and constrain childhood agency. For younger children, online engagement is an increasingly important part of social life, and virtual worlds have become mainstream forms of social interaction (Gee and Levine; Kafai 111; Marsh 101 ; Meyers, Nathan, and Unsworth; Grimes and Feenberg 106). Virtual worlds provide young people, through avatars or digital representations of themselves, with ways to embody their narratives, to play out their stories in digital environments with other users (Taylor 40). Gretchen Papazian advocates for the consideration of the narrative structure offered in video games and virtual worlds as signalling "a fundamental social shift" or a "cultural process" that gives primacy to people's thoughts and feelings in the moment (451). In contrast, Sumana Kasturi argues that, in both content and form, new media also convey specific pedagogical messages to children about representation and consumption: "Personal identity, place in society, and even self-worth are commodities standing as symbols of this identity" (49). 350c69d7ab


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