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49ub8500 Best Buy

The Tru-Ultra HD Engine is in charge of up-scaling duties on the 49UB8500. Since the selection of 4K content is still sparse (but we are getting closer), the up-conversion quality of 1080p and 720p content is very important. LG hasn't created a content distribution system like Sony has, so it is even more important for this to be excellent. The UB8500 uses a 4 step process to examine and enhance broadcasts, recorded video, and home video game consoles. The result is a sharp and clear picture on a 4K screen with the IPS panel providing much improved notable side viewing angles. The included HVEC is another plus for efficient streaming for the best picture possible. Black levels, while not the best in the industry are nicely saturated to help contrast level and color pop.

49ub8500 best buy

If you are a 3D aficionado then this 4K passive 3D TV should be an excellent contender for you. The 4K resolution makes a huge quality improvement difference. However, there is cross talk visible from certain angles and it's annoying. When viewing 3D content make sure to side with your eyes on the same height level as the middle of the screen. This helps a lot and you can find an angle at which there is no visible cross talk. If your eyes are above the screen you will likely see the cross talk. We thought LG's Passive 3D was some of the best performing 3D out there last year. In fact we now prefer it over active 3D for a great consistent picture with much less flickering. The best part is that the glasses are cheap, comfortable, and light. But with Blu-Ray 3D content the TV displayed a great amount of depth, rich colors, and good contrast. Brightness is where the UB8500 looses some points when it comes to 3D content. The overall image seems a little dim and lacks the brilliance seen in 2D content. Side angle viewing is saved by the IPS panel. We see some loss of contrast as you move off-center, but color degradation is minimal.

LG has really switched things up this year when it comes to their Smart TV platform. Needed improvement in Smart TV functionality has arrived with the new 2014 LG TVs. The new WebOS operating system for Smart TV function is very fast in load time and selection. The design and layout is simple and much more straight forward than in the past. And, it's highly customizable and easy to organize in a fashion that best suits your content selection needs. The ability to rearrange the content tabs at the bottom of the screen is unusual and very convenient.

To illustrate, time in the lab revealed a number of drawbacks: The TV's poor black level makes shadowy areas look grayish and washed out, especially if you're watching in the dark. This inability to reign in its excessive luminance also causes problems in terms of shadow details. Transitions between black tones and the darkest grays are glossed over, making valuable details (like the subtle folds in a wrinkled black shirt) difficult to appreciate. Ultimately, the TV works best when producing a lot of luminance, making it less than ideal for family movie night.

LG's IPS panel lends pros and cons: Accurate color production and a good viewing angle are dragged down by poor black levels and sub-par overall contrast. Ultimately, the UB8500 will only ever look its best in a well-lit environment. 041b061a72


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