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Terraria Version 1.1 2 Full Free 21

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terraria version 1.1 2 full free 21

If you want to trivialize this fight, bring a dark-shifted Sutsune skilled with Buff Steal, Feast and Blood Magic and focus on buff removal and adding Bleed stacks. Around 50 stacks the Bleed will outpace his healing even with full regeneration stacks and he'll go down quickly.

Once you defeat the Wanderer and obtain a Bard egg, go to the World Tree. At the bottom right is a magical wall, which you can remove using Bard's Minnesang. The next couple of rooms are filled with water, so you should use a Swimming Monster to move more freely. Keep moving forward, and you will find Dracomer at the end of the water cavern.

I'd recommend a Daedalus stormbow, but on mobile use the sharanga to get spectral arrows and use a adamantite/titanium repeater. Use full 2nd hard mode armor(Mithryll/Orichalcum), and stay where he can't get you.

Though the App Store is still up full price at 3.99/$4.99, Google Play is currently offering the game at a steal. It's not a segment of the PC game, but rather a full port of the original, so 1.79/$1.99 is a pretty damn good price to pay.


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