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Fly Rockets, Flip Gravity and More with Geometry Dash Meltdown APK

This game comes in the category of arcade and action games. It is a very famous game that you can enjoy offline. In this game, you have to jump and Fly your way to a throw danger in this Rhythm best action platform. The developer of this game has given us all the features that we need to enjoy a game. It has three unique levels with music from f 777. You can unlock unique meltdown icons and colors to customize your characters. There is a practice mode, and you can use it to sharpen your skills. After that, you can challenge yourself with the near impossible.

geometry dash apk meltdown apk

This game offers a lot of icons that you can use to play. But these icons are locked when you start this game. After playing a lot of levels, you get an option to unlock all these meltdown icons. So if you want to enjoy this game with a lot of unique meltdown icons then you should download this game from our website.

Just like in the previous version, geometry will play a very important role in Geometry Dash Meltdown, with a square-shaped main character and traps in the form of spikes or pointy triangles that we'll have to overcome throughout the 3 levels of this arcade game.

Meltdown is the third addition to the geometry dash series, developed by RobTop Games, and released in 2015. In the new version, you will face reverse gravity, and more spikes to jump over with entertaining music.

Airborne Robot is the final level of geometry dash apk meltdown and is set to the track by F-777. It is themed on a frustrating world model and has a bright color scheme with shades of pink, purple, and blue.

The Wave Rider is another brilliant icon in the geometry dash meltdown full version, which is a surfer-like character and can ride over waves. It is useful for the level having water-based obstacles.

Another great addition to the meltdown version of the geometry series is that in this game you can challenge yourself to boost your skills after finishing up with practice mode. You will come up with new skills and can improve your scores.


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