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Carrier Reefer Manager Software 21

Carrier Reefer Manager Software 21 is a software solution that allows users to program, monitor, and report the environmental conditions of refrigerated containers. It is designed to work with Carrier Transicold's Lynx Fleet telematics system, which connects the cold chain in the cloud and provides real-time visibility and insights throughout the cargo's journey.

The software has several features that enhance the efficiency and performance of refrigerated containers, such as:

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  • Lynx Fleet Vessel Solution: This feature allows integration with vessel-based wireless networks for improved shipboard cargo visibility and operations efficiency.

  • Lynx Fleet live analytics: This feature provides refrigeration unit health assessments near real time, allowing fleet managers to identify potential service needs in advance.

  • Lynx Fleet over-the-air commands: This feature allows users to set oxygen and carbon dioxide levels for their EverFRESH and XtendFRESH controlled atmosphere systems, as well as enable QUEST and economy power-saving modes.

  • Reefer Health Analytics: This feature allows fleet managers to download diagnostic information about their equipment, giving them added insights into the health of their reefer by reporting anomalies along with possible causes and potential measures to resolve.

  • TripWise expiration prediction: This feature can predict the expected expiration date of TripWise status on reefers, helping fleet managers prioritize asset utilization, thus minimizing time and expense related to conducting a new off-line pre-trip inspection (PTI).

The software is compatible with various data tools from Carrier Transicold, such as Data Tools, DataLINE, DataBank, PC Adaptor Card, MUA Adapter / MST Tool, and ML5 Operational Software. These tools provide additional functionality for programming, monitoring, and reporting environmental conditions of refrigerated containers.

The software is available for licensed customers only and can be downloaded from Carrier's website. The software also comes with a help system, a user manual, and other resource material that can be accessed from the program menu or from Carrier's website. The software requires a license key to activate and a minimum system requirement of Windows 7 or higher.

Carrier Reefer Manager Software 21 is a comprehensive and innovative software solution that helps users manage their refrigerated containers more effectively and efficiently. It is part of Carrier's commitment to provide cutting-edge technology and solutions for the cold chain industry.


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