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Zune Software Version 2.5 Download

The 1.0 versions of the Zune software were a modified version of Windows Media Player 11[citation needed] while versions since 2.0 are built independently with additional DirectShow decoders for AAC, MPEG-4, and H.264. The current version of the software is 4.8.2345.0 released on August 22, 2011. Several versions of the software have been released.

Zune Software Version 2.5 Download


This article lists the version numbers of MSXML or the XML parser. Different versions of MSXML are included with various products, such as Windows, Internet Explorer, Office, and SQL Server. MSXML is also updated when you install software updates for various products.

I also live in Venezuela, a friend of mine did me a huge favor (thats what I thought, now I dont) and bought me my Zune 80Gb in New York only 2 months ago! When she went there on a trip.Everything was going fine until 2 days ago when I upgraded my software to the 2.5 version and now I cant access to the marketplace!!!! I loved my Podcasts, there were my windows to the world & now just because I dont live in the US I cant download them!!! THIS SUCKS. I PAID 270 BUCKS FOR MY ZUNE,JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE I SHOULD HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS AS EVERY OTHER CONSUMER!!!!

dude, chill out. close the zune software. go to start->control panel->regional and language settings (or something similar). change the location from Venazuela to United States. Open the zune software and the marketplace tab should be there. it worked for me (from the United Kingdom).

If you happen to have a windows mobile phone try to install the web browser skyfire on it. This US based software renders all the pages in the US and feeds them to your device. Therefore zune website thinks you are in the US and allows you to sign up for an account, accept the terms and conditions and you can then do a runner.

The Zune software is used to manage the Zune, and runs exclusively on Windows XP and later. It can rip CDs, manage music and can be used to access Zune Marketplace. Purchasing items from it requires Microsoft Points or a Zune Pass. Zune Pass is a subscription music service that allows the user to temporarily download an unlimited number of songs for the length of the Zune Pass subscription, as well as permanently keep up to 10 tracks per month.

According to Microsoft, the most current firmware version is 4.3 (191) for the Zune HD, which replaces the original player firmware that ships on the device, 4.0 (356). In the case of the Zune 4, 8, 16, 30, 80, and 120 players the most current player software version is 3.2, which provides compatibility with the 4.0 version.

The 1.0 versions of the Zune software were a modified version of Windows Media Player 11 while versions since 2.0 are built independently with additional DirectShow decoders for AAC, MPEG-4 and H.264. The current version of the software is 4.0.740.0 released on September 15, 2009. Several versions of the software have been released.

Songs downloaded from the Zune Marketplace are restricted by DRM similar to yet slightly different from PlaysForSure, meaning that songs purchased from PlaysForSure partners could not be playable in Zune Software or on the Zune device, although the reverse is true. Several entities have criticized the Zune for not playing PlaysForSure content, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Internally, Zune DRM is referred to as "9.1", differentiating itself from PlaysForSure DRM, which is version "9". While removal of PlaysForSure DRM has been facilitated with several tools, none would remove Zune DRM until July 14, 2007 when one of the tools ("FairUse4WM" [Windows Media]) was updated to support removal of the Zune DRM wrapper. As of September 6, 2007, an update from Microsoft has broken FairUse4WM once again, with the effect that anyone with the updated license cannot remove the DRM. Updating the Zune software to the most recent version (3.1 as of November 2008) will not affect previously functioning DRM components.

The Windows 7 Beta will be available in English, German, Japanese, Arabic, and Hindi, and each language will be available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions (except Hindi which will only be available in 32-bit). Because the Windows 7 Beta will be offered download-only, it will be provided to you as an ISO image (an .iso file) that you download. After downloading either the 32-bit or 64-bit ISO image of the Windows 7 Beta, you will be required to burn the ISO image to a DVD to install Windows 7. So you want to be sure you have a DVD burner before spending the time downloading the ISO image.

If you are unsure of what changes you made to the software since the last version control update, you can use the Local History utility to visualize the changes that were made. This feature is very useful for backtracking.

As an iPod user raised on the iTunes software and integrated music store, the latest version of the Zune PC software felt both strange and familiar. The Zune software's clean, spacious interface includes clear and persistent tabs for your PC media library, device library, and online music store. On the plus side, I believe the new Zune software is prettier and easier to use than any competing application (Windows media player, iTunes, Rhapsody, Winamp). On the downside, the software leaves power users with zero advanced tools for smart playlists, in-depth ID3 tag editing, or drag-and-drop album artwork (it's also experiencing some big hiccups at the moment). It doesn't leave them any other options, since the Zune will only sync with your computer using the Zune software.

The second shocker in Zune's latest software is a revamped Zune Marketplace online store. Not only does the storefront look much more appealing than the cavelike Urge store, but its selection has greatly improved since I last paid a visit. With the 30-day Zune Pass Microsoft comped me (regularly $15 per month) to demo their music rental system, I was able to pick up most of the Pink Floyd catalog, the latest two albums from indie rockers Rogue Wave, all the albums from my favorite modern jazz trio The Bad Plus, the latest 50 Cent album, every DJ Shadow album, as well as David Bowie, Nas, Otis Reading, Missy Elliot, and even comedy albums from Patton Oswalt and Dane Cook. There was some material I couldn't find, or could only purchase (not rent), but all in all the Zune Marketplace had the same selection I would hope for in a good record store--a mix of classics and obscure gems. The editorial team at Zune (taken from Urge) offers some great handpicked playlists too. I snatched up Music from Tarantino Films, Crunk Classics, and Jay-Z Cameos--all of which have given me a glimpse at music I would not otherwise take a chance on in a pay-per-download system. We'll save the argument for or against online music rental services for another time. For now, let's just say that the Zune Marketplace passes my music snobbery test. It still, unfortunately, doesn't offer TV, movie, or audiobook downloads.

Brushing aside the unsubscribe debacle, I still think that the Zune handles podcast management and syncing very well. You can browse and subscribe to podcasts using the Zune Marketplace directory, or subscribe to podcasts directly by copying and pasting a link to the podcast feed into the Zune software. The Zune software also allows you to set specific download instructions for each podcast (download all episodes, download three most recent, download only most recent), and will know to pull old podcast content off your Zune to keep things tidy. From what I've seen, the Zune is the only MP3 player on the market that can match the iPod when it comes to managing podcasts in a one-stop solution that automatically flushes out old episodes with new ones. For fans of video podcasts, the 3.2-inch screen on the Zune 80 slays the 2.5-inch screen of the iPod Classic.

Secondly, I think your review is a little biased based on ipod developed habits. The latest itunes software(which is spreadsheet like), actually stole some from zune. If that software is ugly then itunes looks like my ashy knuckles (not pretty)

Janet,As has been pointed out by others and ignored by you the very first step of the setup proceedure is to download and install the software. When you pluged it in and tried to install drivers, YOU broke it. If you had followed the simple instructions you would not have had any of the problems you encountered.

I say you should update your computer, forget about all the IPod nazi products, and actually look at the device instead of your own personal problems with the software and the zune not being an itouch.

Sidify Music Converter is the best choice for those who wish to download Spotify songs to the local drive. It allows us to download any songs, playlists, podcasts, or radios from Spotify and keeps 100% original audio quality. After downloading the songs to the local disk, you can transfer them to any other devices like iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP, MP3 player, Walkman, DJ software, and other portable devices.

Extract your downloaded Alien Game. Double-click on the AlienGame.sln file and it will open inside Visual C#. With your new project open, press the F5 key to launch the program to your zune (wait as the file loads onto your zune device, see your zune display for file upload progress)

When exiting, the zune really reboots to ensure that all used memory for running the game is really flushed out and optimal performance is not compromised. If you want to download more games, try the ZuneBoards forums. Enjoy!


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